"The Wildlands…. Once a verdant and bountiful land, has been seized by deep divisions. Tight knit factions have splintered, and mistrust has seeped into the minds of the people. Once peaceful townships have devolved into unbridled war. But then, a mysterious outsider arrived. One with miraculous gifts of foresight and magic, like the fabled Arkon long ago. But this time, he was not the only one of his kind."

Welcome to the world of Arkon. A table-top fantasy bidding game by the Hill Gaming Company. I was brought on to team Arkon to create the promotional animation for their Kickstarter campaign to fund this exciting game. 

The beautiful game art was broken apart and manipulated in Adobe Photoshop to create the animated versions of the illustrations in Adobe After Effects. There were also several scenes and elements that were modeled and animated in Cinema 4D and Element 3D.

We also used voicebunny.com to supply the rich, wonderful narration.

You can check out their excellent Kickstarter campaign here:

The official website for the game is below:
Below are several animations, which are briefly featured in the main video, of the 4 major clans in the game. We used these animations to promote the Kickstarter campaign on social media, and as a way of qualifying the animated look of the main animation.
Below are several stills from the main Kickstarter animation:
The stills below are in-process images of the 3D throne room seen in the animation:
The icons below were created in Adobe Illustrator as clan flag symbols:
The clan flag banners in production:
Below are roughs drawn in Photoshop of the page art for a book prop in the animation:
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