These animations were generated for General Motors to promote the 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV as a pure-electric vehicle, with emphasis on the vehicle's electric drive unit and battery pack technology.

The premise was to promote awareness in the public of how the technology behind the vehicle's propulsion system worked, so that consumers would feel less nervous and more comfortable about the EV. The videos had to explain battery charging, cell packs, regenerative braking, electric motor assembly and verious other concepts related to the Spark without talking over the consumer's heads.

Plus the animations had to be impactful enough visually to keep people's attention.
This alternate version below of the Chevy Spark EV Drive Unit animation contained a more "toon-shaded" version of the Spark EV, along with different car paint names, a voice-over and an extended opening.

The VO was narrated by me as a placeholder until the final recording was mastered by GM. Ultimately, the version with the voice-over script was dropped and GM went with the versions above to send out to the media.

The following are a series of stills from the above animations.
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