I created this illustration for issue #008 of S!CK Magazine, a super-cool pop-culture news magazine based out of France. For this issue, the S!CK team asked me to create a wrap-around cover based on the amazing Crash Bandicoot Sony game franchise. 
We wanted this cover to be fun and energetic, and to incorporate the silliness and whimsy of the game itself. We decided that having Crash "break the fourth wall" by busting through the cover would be the best way to achieve this. The roughs were sketched out in Adobe Photoshop, and the final color art was created in Adobe Illustrator.
Links to S!CK Magazine are below, so you can check out this amazing magazine
for yourself! (FYI: the sites are in French by default)

Below is a 16-minute time-lapse video that shows me creating the art for the cover.
Here are several cover roughs and a full image of the final wrap-around S!CK cover.
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