I created this illustration for issue #013 of S!CK Magazine, a super-cool pop-culture news magazine based out of France. For this issue, the S!CK team asked me to create a wrap-around cover based on the terrifying Jason Voorhees, from the Friday the 13th franchise. 
Because this was issue "13", we really wanted this cover to "scream" fear. Jason is one of the most iconic modern monsters in pop-culture to date. Even people who have never seen the films still know who Jason is. We also wanted to represent Jason without any obligatory gore, so as to not upset fans of the magazine that aren't necessarily horror movie fans with buckets of blood and guts on the cover. This image strikes a nice balance of foreboding and restraint, which helps make the illustration even scarier. This one was lots of fun to figure out. The roughs were sketched out in Adobe Photoshop, and the final color art was created in Adobe Illustrator.
Links to S!CK Magazine are below, so you can check out this amazing magazine
for yourself! (FYI: the sites are in French by default)

Below is a 15-minute time-lapse video that shows me creating the art for the cover.
Here are several cover roughs and a full image of the final wrap-around S!CK cover.
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