This illustration I created for issue #003 of S!CK Magazine, a super-cool pop-culture news magazine based out of France. The S!CK team asked me to create a "Batman:TAS" version of the Joker (voiced by Mark Hamill) for their cover. 
We wanted to incorporate aspects of the acclaimed graphic novel, The Killing Joke, as well into the art. Several ideas were kicked around, until we settled on the "gun" design shown in the final.

The roughs were sketched out in Adobe Photoshop, and the final color art was created in Adobe Illustrator. 
Below is a 16-minute time-lapse video that shows me creating the final cover art, along with a promotional image from S!CK Magazine showing issue #003 and related materials.
Here are several cover roughs and a full image of the final wrap-around S!CK cover.
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