I created this illustration for issue #23 of S!CK Magazine, a super-cool pop-culture news magazine based out of France. This time, the S!CK team asked me to create a wrap-around cover based on Walter White from the AMC series, Breaking Bad. 
The gang over at S!CK Magazine were very enthusiastic about this cover, because they are huge fans of the show and its spin-off, Better Call Saul. This one was a lot of fun to create because I got to illustrate Walter from early on in the series, which is a rare look for the character in pop-culture! 
The cover idea was originally conceived by the team at S!CK Magazine, and once again they provided me with a rough layout idea, color palette, and reference pages already keyed out for the issue. They wanted the cover illustration to really tie into the design and layout of the corresponding article within the magazine, and everything looked amazing
in this issue because of their planning ahead!

Links to S!CK Magazine are below, so you can check out this amazing magazine
for yourself! (FYI: the sites are in French by default)

Below is a 15-minute time-lapse video that shows me creating the art for the cover.
Below is the full art created for the wrap-around cover, along with several cover sketch roughs and the black and white line work that were generated.
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