Happy Holidays! This image was designed and modeled by me for the art studio that I work at as a fun poster for last year's holiday season. I thought it would also be festive to decorate my Behance page with it this year. 

As you can see, I'm a big fan of Star Wars, and I still love those illustrated cutaway books that come out with the release of each new movie. Since this poster was also a sample for our studio, I thought it would be fun to work in some of those types of elements that I admired from those books. 

No holiday space sleigh would be complete without pilots, so I chose two of my favorite new characters from the Star Wars universe to include. K-2S0 and BB-8 (dressed appropriately). The final poster is below, along with a 360º looping animation of the ship and it's crew. Enjoy!
The ship was modeled and UV'd completely in Maxon Cinema 4D. The poster logo was designed by Deanna Sheehan, who also contributed several ideas to the overall ship design. I tried to incorporate design elements from several iconic rebel vehicles, like the X-wing, Y-wing, Snowspeeder, and the newer U-wing, from Rogue One. The texture maps were painted in Photoshop, which is also what was used for the final image compositing, before being moved into Adobe InDesign.
The Cinema 4D Model was then moved into Adobe After Effects through Element 3D, by Video Copilot (The Tie Fighter and BB-8 models also came from there and are available for free download). After rendering several passes from Element 3D and C4D, I added some compositing, a new environment and sound to enhance the 360º spin, which plays as a loop.  

Below, are several close-ups of the original rendered image for the holiday poster. Enjoy! And Happy Holidays!
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